Creative Sound Blaster Audigy Rx 7.1 Channel PCI-E Sound Card


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Give your computer a serious upgrade from basic motherboard audio to immersive, cinematic surround sound with this Sound Blaster Audigy Rx sound card from Creative. It sports an SNR of 106dB, 600-ohm headphone amp for studio monitoring, Hardware-accelerated EAX sound effects, and a software suite for full audio customization.

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  • Premium Sound Blaster audio quality with a Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) of 106dB allows you to enjoy an audio experience way beyond that which is provided by a basic motherboard
  • Creative E-MU chipset helps deliver incredible cinematic audio playback effects without draining your computer’s processing power
  • Supports up to 7.1 multi-channel speaker output so you can enjoy an immersive, cinematic audio experience for all your movies, games, and more
  • Stereo Direct means you can listen to music pure and unprocessed at the astounding bit rate of 24-bit 192 kHz
  • Dedicated high-quality 600-ohm headphone amplifier makes it possible for the sound card to drive even the most demanding studio headphones
  • Sound Blaster Audigy Rx Control Panel allows you to control and customize everything about your sound card
  • Audio Stream Input/Output (ASIO) drivers help ensure high-quality, low-latency audio recordings
  • Dual microphone inputs allow two people to sing at once or record a music accompaniment while singing
  • Creative Multi Speaker Surround (CMSS or CMSS 3D) settings make it easy to upmix stereo content to a multi-channel speaker system and bring acoustic depth to your multi-channel content
  • Mic Monitoring and Stereo Mixing let you hear yourself while you record so you can make out the effects right away
  • EAX Studio software makes it possible to control and make detailed adjustments to EAX Advanced HD settings, like introducing environmental effects into your content
  • Bundled Creative recording software like Creative WaveStudio and Creative Smart Recorder let you start recording and creating awesome content right away


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