Off Site Computer Repair Services

Book Appointment Now FREE Estimates on Computer Repair / Upgrades – Fatal Exceptions Inc. provides free in-shop estimates on computer repairs and upgrades.

Call to schedule a time to drop your PC tower, laptop or hard drive off at our office in St. Albert, and within 24 hours, we will call you back to discuss your situation, and provide a firm estimate.

Labour rates are as follows:

$70/HR SHOP RATE (excluding tax) – Shop Rate does not include travel, you drop-off and pick-up

$90/HR ON-SITE RATE (excluding tax) – On-Site Technical Support includes travel within St. Albert / Edmonton city Limits

Drop off your computer today for a FREE Estimate on Upgrades & Repair!

If you would prefer a technician come onsite rather than dropping off your machine, call us to schedule our next available appointment.

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