Thermaltake TR2 430-Watt ATX Power Supply


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For your mainstream computer, this Thermaltake 430W power supply delivers robust and reliable power. Equipped with dedicated dual +12V rails, the power supply provides efficient power to the various parts of your PC. The integrated fans adjust their speed according to the temperature to keep your machine cool and less noisy.

More Information

  • 430W power: Enjoy reliable power output for your mainstream PC
  • Dual +12V rails: Power is delivered efficiently to the crucial parts of your PC
  • Intelligent fans: The integrated fans keep your machine cool by adjusting the speed based on temperature
  • Safety features: Stay protected from overpowering, over voltages and short circuits
  • Intel and AMD compatible: The power supply is compatible with both types of CPU
  • NVIDIA and ATI/AMD compatibleThe power supply is compatible with these types of graphics cards


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